April 5, 2022: Fresh start into the outdoor season

The tournament organizers had certainly imagined a different start into the outdoor season - well, I certainly did. Temperatures around zero, snow and stiff east wind, brr! That was not only a pity for this really nice tournament on a great course, but especially for Denoix. Because he is currently in really good shape, the castration in the summer has proven to be absolutely right. He hasn't been to a show for a while, which is why I took him on a trip to Warendorf shortly before the start to Belgium. There, national trainer Monica Teodorescu also confirmed to me how much the handsome chestnut has improved.

He also showed this at the first training session in Belgium, he went very well on Thursday. And I really don't blame the stallion that he was rather impressed by the whistling wind, rattling flagpoles and even a falling tree on Friday in the Grand Prix. A volte after his frightener was the first error, after that I made a mistake myself - second error, elimination. Well, we'll leave this behind and prepare for Hagen lather this month, where Denoix will compete again.