April 28, 2021: Hagen and Mannheim

Remarkable: Two shows on two directly consecutive weekends - I do that rather rarely in "non-pandemic times". But now it happened, and I look back to Hagen while I am in Mannheim already.

Hagen was not only well organized (as always), but also very well attended. With regard to September, I would almost speak of a "small European Championship"...

For the Nuernberger I had Estelle with me. The seven year-old Escolar daughter came to us when she was almost six - but ridden more like a three year-old. This was her first show ever, and she behaved very well. But she is still green, and of course you could see that in the arena. With her movements, she scored throughout, but things like the rein back were rather shaky. Once 71.463 percent, 5th place, and once a good 70 percent, that was absolutely good, especially considering the competition.

It was noticeable that Escolar's last show was in December 2019: He was quite reluctant in the Grand Prix, and I had to work hard. Once he cantered in the passage, which was of course expensive. We finished eleventh with a score of 73.913 percent. In the Spécial, he didn't really pull into the first piaffe, and I then tackled him a bit too clearly, which is why he jumped forward... The score for the transitions was accordingly. Overall, we got 73.766 percent and finished eighth. I was especially happy about the great connection and the wonderful trot half passes of our Big Boy.

Now we are already in Mannheim, where I will compete with Denoix PCH and Beryll. More about that shortly!