Sept 30, 2023: Anush and Etro enter Asisan Games podium twice

First Individual Bronze for him, as well as for his country: More than enough reason for him to be proud of himself.

A historic result for his country, and a simply magnificent achievement for himself: Anush won two medals with Etro at the Asian Games, one of the world's biggest sporting events in the IOC circuit. The first team gold for India was just as gratifying as his third place in the individual classification.

Also noteworthy is that Anush came to us six years ago with basic equestrian knowledge and has had a really steep learning curve since then. In addition, he won both medals with the nine-year-old Etro: For the Escolar son it was his first trip by plane, and he has proven himself in China pleasant and calm, but performance-oriented.

Thus, already in the first test at St. George level, in which the team classification was decided, the two got a mark of 71.088 %. This was the second best result of all participants, and thanks to a quite united team performance, India thus landed on the highest step of the podium. For the first time team gold in dressage!

Huge joy, of course - but too much celebration was not called for, instead concentration on the further competitions. That was first an Inter I, in which the two were rated with 71.706 %, 4th place. Thus they were sovereignly qualified for the final freestyle best 14 riders, in which the individual medals were awarded. With 73.03 % they showed their third great performance in Huangzhou, and the bronze medal was not only a milestone for Anush himself, but also the first individual medal at this competition for his country.

Congratulations, Anush and Etro!

Excitement! Anush Agarwalla Etro First Team Gold for India at Asian Games Dressage.