Nov 6, 2023: Anush on a good way to Paris

Anush Agarwalla and Sir Caramello in Wroclaw Most content: horse, rider and coach

After his great success at the Asian Games, Anush is moving on to qualify for the Olympic Games in Paris next year. So in my absence, Katharina accompanied him to Wroclaw, Poland, where Anush had reserved a starting place with Sir Caramello for the World Cup.

This was the Oldenburg's first start after a long break, as he had been injured in Munich in May. That might have been why Anush was still a little cautious in the Grand Prix - but he rode a beautiful, clear round, and both rider and trainer were very satisfied.

There were a few question marks before the freestyle, as Anush had not shown his choreography for a long time, and never before in an indoor arena. But Anush rode really well and the horse was simply in a good mood. The pair were able to achieve a "PB", a personal best, with just under 73.5%. And, most importantly: Anush cashed in the first half of the necessary qualifying scores for Paris...