Nov 23, 2023: Two great third places

Anna und Bon Scolai in Stuttgart Anna and Bon Scolari had qualified for the Piaff competition. We were all delighted that "Berry's" owner Scott Zahner had traveled all the way from the USA to witness this performance. The second test was also the ten-year-old's first long Grand Prix. The pair showed significant improvement here, and with only minor faults they scored almost 69 percent. That meant rank 3 in the final of the prestigious U25 series, and a great success for Anna with such a young horse that she trained herself.

Anush and Sir Caramello competed in the World Cup, i.e. the 5-star tour. Anush showed a really good riding performance in the Grand Prix, there wasn't much to criticize. I'm not one to scold judges, and I don't want to do so, but a few more points would have been justified. But even though the 67% score was unfortunately not enough for the freestyle, Anush can be very pleased with herself.

Sehr schönes Seitenbild: Katharina und Denoix PCH Katharina and Denoix PCH had entered the 4-star tour, heading for the Spécial. But first the Grand Prix, and our beautiful chestnut was very impressed by the arena, the audience and the lights... No wonder, as he really hasn't often ridden in a packed arena. A certain amount of tension was noticeable throughout the entire test, which of course affected his walk in particular. Eighth place was therefore respectable and meant a second appearance for the two.

Although in the Spécial, Denoix's tension still had not passed completely, he was able to concentrate much better. Katharina was very pleased that the improved connection - the focus of her work in recent weeks - was clearly visible and was rewarded by the judges. The pair came third with almost 72 percent - a very nice end to an overall successful weekend for Fleyenhof.