Nov 10, 2023: Generous support from MKP

Manfred Kesselmeier handing over the sprinter to Hubertus Schmidt and Katharina Hemmer A real gem: Manfred Kesselmeier provides Katharina with her "own" sprinter.

No wonder everyone is beaming in this photo: Katharina and I are delighted to have wonderful support from a long-standing customer and good friend. She is not only good, but also on the road a lot, so another Sprinter is extremely valuable and increases flexibility for all Fleyenhofler.

Manfred Kesselmeier provides the practical vehicle. On the outside, it can be easily seen where it comes from: Manfred also offers cosmetics and food supplements. Details can be found at

In addition to the reference to the generous supporter, the black beauty also states who will be mainly making use of it. Many thanks from Katharina and me, dear Manfred!