May 31, 2022: Ribbons for three great horses

Once again a very nice tournament was Munich, and over all also successful. To start with the Youngster: Estelle performed really great on the first day and finished second in this St. Georg with 72.765%. In her second test, the Inter I, she got scared by something just before the zig-zag half-passes in canter - well, with an eight-year-old horse, something like that happens. I preferred to retire.

Beryll showed two really good rounds in the three-star tour, and that against strong competition with plenty of squad riders. Third in the Grand Prix and third in the Spécial, both with a good 72%, were the deserved reward for his consistent performance.

In the five-star tour with Denoix PCH, things basically went very well on the first day. Some noise on the metal grandstand clearly threw us off in a pirouette, but we still finished fourth with 73.261%. In the Spécial we had a real hiccup, but that was totally my fault. During warm-up I had tapped him once when trying to approach the slope with quite a few spectators. The highly sensitive chestnut was just tense after this. Especially the collected walk and the transition into the piaffe were affected. Nevertheless, the score was still almost 71%, and against strong competition we came fifth.