Mar 8, 2023: Successful premiere

I was probably more excited than the two athletes... Katharina and De Noix PCH had their show premiere yesterday. After Monica Theodorescu recently certified a very good training level for the two of them, we entered them for the Grand Prix at the Late Entry at Hof Schulze-Niehues in Warendorf.

And I can't say much more about this debut than "completely successful". Katharina rode more for safety, but the round was absolutely beautiful to watch. The beautiful chestnut did such a great job that even a little scare when a child fell down in the stands (the child didn't suffer any harm!) couldn't depress the scores noticeably. Many eights, especially for piaffe and passage, were conceded by the two. The bottom line was 73.533 percent and a well-deserved first place.

Congratulations not only to the athletes, but also to De Noix's owner Nancy Gooding, who confidently supported the change of rider from me to Katharina.