Mar 21, 2023: Two shows, three ribbons

Two shows, three horses, three starts, once the "Gold - Silver - White" ribbon set: Katharina's yield from this show weekend is impressive.

First, she presented "her" Signorina on Saturday in Hamminkeln. Trained by Katharina, the mare was sold to the USA last year. Since a few weeks she is back at the Fleyenhof for further fine tuning. The Grand Prix was the first start for the two after this break, and with 69.2 percent and third place absolutely satisfactory.

Herford-Schwarzenmoor was scheduled for Sunday, S* with Esperado and Slaide. The Hanoverian Spörcken son was rated with an 8.2. Only Esperado was able to surpass him. For the seven-year-old Escolar son, it was the first ever S*, which he won with a score of 8.4.