July 5, 2023: Striking performance at Aachen

I have been in Aachen many times before, a few times as a coach "only", too. But this week was very special! Katharina and Denoix PCH performed outstandingly, ranked very well and made a lasting impression on the national trainers.

Although the Grand Prix could almost have gone a little better. On the one hand, the chestnut was a bit suspicious of the one short side, which is why the last concentration on the sport was missing there from time to time. On the other hand, after a really nice trot tour with highlights in piaffe, passage and the transitions, he lost it a bit in canter. The fact that Katharina could not keep him ideally in front of her took revenge in the second pirouette.  But on the final line the two delivered again great Pi and Pa, so they scored 72,869 % and tool rank 7.

On Thursday we trained again well, also with the support of Monica Theodorescu. And on Friday Katha implemented our advice 1:1 - the result was a really nice Spécial without any real weak points. The third place with almost 74% made Katha smile. I was able to rejoice together with Denoix's owner Nancy Gooding, who had traveled here especially for the occasion.

The week was crowned by the fact that the was listed for the European Dressage Championships in September. Katharina commented: "Yes, we are second reserve - it is highly unlikely that we will go to the European Championships. But that the fact alone that the coaches have so much confidence in us is a great honor!" I totally agree with her.