Dec 21, 2020: Denoix finishes Louisdor Prize on rank 2

We had a very nice fourth Advent at the Schafhof. In the Nuremberg Burg Cup, Vainqueur had moved up, and as one of two seven-year-olds in the starting field, he did very well. In the preliminary test we finished seventh with just under 74.2%. In the final, we scored just under 74 percent, which was 9th place. The winner didn't even have 2.3 percentage points more, which underlines the high level of the starting field.

In the Louisdor Prize, Beryll was sixth in the entry test. In the final, he started cantering in a trot half-pass and almost stopped in the piaffe - with two double-counting lessons failed in one test, the final score can hardly be grandiose. We finished tenth with 68.8 percent, which was absolutely fitting.

As far as Denoix PCH and the Louisdor Final were concerned, I was very optimistic at the end of the summer - after the qualifications! Unfortunately, the chestnut had some back problems in late fall, which is why he was not in work for a good two months. Under these circumstances, I think his performance was outstanding, especially since he was one of the youngest horses in the competition.

All in all, Denoix was a bit hot and therefore, unfortunately, his walk - which is normally outstanding - received scores between 6 and 7. This is contrasted by nines for the trot half-pass, among other things. Third in the entry test and second in the final, just wonderful!

The show was as beautiful as it was Corona-compliant. No spectators, even the athletes themselves in the smallest possible teams, and everyone was quickly tested upon arrival. A warm thank you for all the effort! In addition we competed in a lovely decorated arena, so it was a really nice conclusion of an unusual sport year.