Dec 18, 2023: Early gifts for Katharina and Denoix PCH

It seems to make most sense to let Katharina herself report - congratulations on the first two international victories in Grand Prix and Spécial!

"Denoix felt great in training, I was really looking forward to Frankfurt. But there was that recent experience from Stuttgart, where he was really impressed by the arena... When I found out that the test arena was open for training on Wednesday, we spontaneously set off a day early. And that was definitely the right decision, as he was very nervous in the cramped arena. Thursday morning we went back to the arena and things got better. We were second in the Grand Prix on Friday, what luck! Again, we were able to warm up in the competition arena and when started our test shortly after eight, not all the grandstand seats were occupied. Nevertheless, Denoix was a bit shy at first, and especially in the first piaffe he showed less than he is capable of. But he really concentrated on me and I already knew while riding that this was our best Grand Prix so far. 73.8% with a whole series of eights, that was gigantic. Denoix's owner Nancy was there with us, and she was at least as happy as we were. Denoix also found the award ceremony exciting again...

So naturally, we were the last starters in the Spécial. Again, we were able to ride a little in the arena in the morning, and Denoix felt very good later on in the warm-up. But in the competition arena, the atmosphere was totally different from the day before: Saturday, half past nine, a lot more spectators - a little falter at X, a little swerve away from the rail and the crowd, it was just a lot for him. Maybe that's why the walk wasn't at our best. But from the moment we went from the collected walk into the first piaffe, he was just with me, just listening. And he showed off his new-found strength, including the half-passes, which felt great. And when you ride out and see Hubertus standing there, just beaming way before the scores are announced, it confirms your own feeling that it went really well. Two competitions like that - Christmas was early this year!"