Aug 29, 2023: Gold in the Spécial in front of the castle

Katharina Hemmer Denoix Muenster 2023 Lap of honour in Munster

Winners at the "Tournament of Winners" - Katharina and Denoix are doing really well.

Although the start was not ideal at all - Katharina had already noticed herself in the Grand Prix that the reinforcements were a little too shy and the pirouettes too big. She said that she didn't have our fancy chestnut in front of her as well as in training. For the viewer this was not noticeable, and also the judges rightly rewarded the performance of the two with an even 74% - new personal best and rank two.

We had two days left to work on these small issues before the Spécial. This obviously helped, because Katha already had a good feeling during the walk in the warm-up arena: Denoix was relaxed, but positively motivated. This continued during the warm-up, he was just in a great mood. Katha herself commented on the test: "In the Spécial he was clearly better in front of me than in the GP, we had more risk and expression. The pirouettes also worked well. That was definitely our best test so far!" The judges also saw it that way, the 76% was another personal best, and with a good three percentage points lead the victory.

This result in front of this dream backdrop - I am very happy for the two of them!

Katharina Hemmer Denoix Happy horse, and the rider with a neverending smile...