Aug 12, 2020: Double triple

A hot weekend - first of all in view of the high summer temperatures. When I read the schedule, I was wondering why it was an indoor competition, but now I was just happy about it.

Well, what can I say, we made a "double triple". On the one hand, Beryll did really well in the warm-up test and the actual qualification for the Louisdor Prize and won both competitions. In addition, I am really proud of our Bereiter Katharina Hemmer, who was already fifth in the warm-up test with Signorina and then got the silver ribbon in the qualification. Really great, and that means that we can compete with three horses in Frankfurt - provided they all stay healthy and fit.

For Vainqueur it was again about the qualification for the Nuremberg Burgpokal. Unfortunately, he was quite hot in the first competition, and that's probably why a walk pirouette was far from perfect (or even good...). In the second competition, he started cantered in the trot half-pass. So both times he made mistakes in lessons that count twice - this simply cost too many points to still end up front. Nevertheless, I was very satisfied with the chestnut, because he basically was as good as in Bettenrode, and two scores of almost 73 per cent speak underline my feeling.