July 17, 2022: Great start, annoying end

Horses in top form, the rider unfortunately not - that's the weekend at the Schafhof in short.

In the Grand Prix for the freestyle I was third with Beryll after an all around successful performance, we scored 72.283 percent. Denoix PCH even outdid him in the Grand Prix for the Spécial: 73.739 percent, even though we had mistakes in the single changes and a hop to the side in the final salute!

All the more unfortunate that my thigh started hurting again.... Which started directly after the first training. I had already cancelled competing Vainqueur, because it was clear to me that three rides would simply be too much. The organizers kindly had me taken to their physiotherapist (70 km, huge thanks to the Rath family!). He diagnosed a fiber tear in my thigh and taped me up so well that initially, I was able to ride again. But after the second start it became unpleasant... So now it's a week without riding, followed by a short vacation, and I won't get back on the horse until the pain is completely gone. Complete recovery is the number one goal for now!