Sept 20, 2021: Berylls first show in Aachen a success

I was quite curious how Beryll would react to the big arena, because he definitely hasn't seen anything like that yet. But he was not impressed at all, and in the Grand Prix he went really very, very well. We were able to show a nice walk, Piaffes were great - joy about the horse and the fourth place (73.739 %)!

Accordingly, I did not really understand that he was rather thense in the Spécial. Overall, it was an acceptable round, but already the first piaffe from the walk was not so great.

When we left the arena, we quickly found out the reason: unusually strong sweating, pawing and flehmen - the good boy had to pee! Which he did three times in his stall. All tension is therefore excused, and I now see the sixth place with a good 72 percent with different eyes. Especially since "Pi and Pa" were still rated eighth...

I was less happy about the wide range in the scores, in both tests. In the Grand Prix, the gap to the three in front of me was really tight, and without the one runaway down, there probably would have been more in it. In the Spécial, the range was even from 68 to 74 percent - I'll have to take a look at the ratings in detail.