July 26, 2021: Olympics from the ground

Today, my week in Tokyo is already coming to an end - and at least my hotel room, where I had to spend quite a lot of time due to the Corona regulations, will not be missed too much.

But that is only a small side aspect, and primarily I will remember the sport. This starts with the really excellent conditions, such as perfect footing, more than sufficient warm-up and training areas, the air-conditioned stables and the very beautiful stadium. Really great job!

All the more regrettable that not even Japanese spectators were allowed... It was also unfortunate that Peter and Belstaff did not have their best day in the Grand Prix. At the end of the trot tour, the score was still 67 percent, and I was hopeful, because they are usually strong in the canter. That was different on Saturday, of all days, and they had mistakes in the canter changes. Expensive, very expensive - in the end the two of them scored 63.447 percent. We will continue to train!

I was pleased to see quite a few participants in the Grand Prix. I found Cathrine Dufour and Bohemian very nice to watch, and Sabine Schut-Kery (USA) also gave a nice performance. There were other rides that I didn't like too much, but that's just normal. Overall, I think the scores were very appropriate - great work also in the judges' boxes.

To see the German ladies was of course a real pleasure. Bella Rose did not have her best day in walk, but "Pi & Pa" were simply phenomenal. And I was very impressed by the ease, not only in the connection, that Dalera exuded. Three really great performances, and I keep my fingers crossed that it will continue this well!