Fleyenhof going to Bettenrode

Although Katharina and Ivan will unfortunately not be there, four Fleyenhof riders will compete in Bettenrode this weekend:

Anush and Flovino's Feiner Kerl are scheduled for the Grand Prix. Charlotte Tollhopf and Esperado are nominated for the dressage horse L with qualification for the Bundeschampionat. Anna Schoelermann and Maxim show themselves in a dressage horse A.

Im am going for the Grand Prix-tour with Beryll and Toscana. Who will go Spécial and who Freestyle will be decided on the spot. With D'Alessandro I will make the next attempt at the Nuremberg Burgpokal - our second tournament together. And Vainqueur is on the list for the Louisdor Prize.

Ivan unfortunately drops out due to illness, and Katharina goes to Aachen with Belstaff to keep him fit at the start of his quarantine for Tokyo.