Aug 30, 2021: Next show

In the past weeks it was mainly my team representing the Fleyenhof on the show grounds - first of all Katharina Hemmer, who just this weekend in Verden ranked second in the qualifier for the Nuremberg Qualifier with Fuerst Fernando. Unfortunately, the two could not compete in the qualifier on Sunday, because Fuerst had a slightly sore leg on Sunday. Nothing dramatic, but Katharina decided quite correctly to better not risk anything. There will be other opportunities!

For me there is one now right this weekend, in Herzlake. Beryll is to gain further routine, since we actually got a starting place in Aachen. I also want to take Denoix PCH with me, who is now fit and in good shape again after a minor injury. The last time the beautiful chestnut competed was Mannheim, so it's really time to show him again. Last but not least, D'Alessandro will gain further experience in the St. Georg Spezial.