Aug 18, 2021: Farewell, and welcome!

I am proud of my team, without whose dedicated efforts the sporting success would not be possible - which is why it is never just my successes, but those of the Fleyenhof. Some employees have been with us for years, but as usual in personnel matters there is always movement. Currently there is a trio that we are letting go, and a new apprentice completes the quartet in terms of personnel.

Our rider Ivan is going to start his own business on October 1 after six years with us. As much as I regret that he will no longer be supporting us: I can understand his wish very well. Because apart from the independence, Ivan can work together with his partner at the new location. Of course, the Fleyenhof cannot beat this argument! We will certainly continue to work together in the future, especially since Ivan's new place of work is not too far away.

Nicole Smith is moving much further away: Our South African student, who is now also more or less a friend, is going back to her home country after several years with us. Here, too, private reasons play an important role, because since the beginning of the pandemic, Nicole can only travel to her family under difficult conditions. There is no question that her partner is also pleased about Nicole's return home. Certainly, the contact will not break off here either, and I look forward to following Nicole's further career.

Last but not least, the always committed and hands-on Monika Wassermann leaves. She was primarily responsible for Ivan's horses, and it is therefore understandable that she is now following the call to another stable.

Reinforcement in the saddle comes in the form of Mathis Gödecke. Our new apprentice comes with vast experience from his parents' dressage stable and has already competed at S level.

Our apprentices are also the reason why I will not be hiring a new rider at the moment, despite Ivan's departure: With Anna, Janina and now Mathis, we have really strong young riders in the stable. Both young ladies are successful at S level and want to stay with us after they have finished their training. Last but not least, there are of course our "old hands" Katharina and Karolin - we are well positioned and can promote and present the great horses that are entrusted to us.