May 16, 2016: Two times rank 2 at Wiesbaden

Second in Grand Prix as well as in the Spécial, that is really pleasant. I am absolutely happy with Imperio, who showed great attitude at Wiesbaden. Trot was super and canter very nice. I would have wished for a few points more, but have to admit own mistakes, too. In the first Piaffe of the Grand Prix, I made him go forward too much, but thanks to several 9's (trot) and even one 10 (canter) we got 75.22 per cent. In the Spécial, I had not planned the pirouettes overly well, and when Impi seemed a bit tired towards the end of the last passage, I asked too much which made him jump little. Still, we had a few 9's, and got 74.51 per cent in total.

So now it will be decided at Balve whether we'll go to Rio or not. At Wiesbaden, there were two judges that will decide upon the Olympic medals... But for now, Imperio will have a calm week. Of course we will be riding him, but more on trail rides then real exercise. There's so much more to see in the world than sandy rectangles! The week after, we'll start getting prepared for Balve, where all top riders will be present. I am looking forward to taking part with this great horse.