Apr 18, 2023: Several ribbons for Fleyenhof riders

On the way to the next international competition Katharina took some more ribbons, and also the rest of the Fleyenhof team had nice successes.

On Easter weekend Anna and Katharina were competing in the immediate neighborhood. In Bad Lippspringe Anna presented the seven-year-old Flynn at M-level: Victory in the M* and seventh place in the M**.

Katharina and Esperado won the S* test of this tournament with 72.46%. Anna and Springborgs Guardian were seventh with 69,325%.

Last weekend Katharina and Anush were in Schloss Holte: Two S-tests, three horses, three times rank one to three - quite respectable. Anush presented his new acquisition Etro. The nine-year-old Escolar son was trained at the Fleyenhof, and Anush used to tide him every now and then in the last years. His score of 72.341% in the S* meant the first place. Katharina and De Royal followed in second place with 71.31%, third was Katharina with Slaide (70.635%).

In the S freestyle Katharina turned the tables and secured the golden ribbon with De Royal. Anush and Etro were second, with Slaide Katharina was behind them.