Apr 12, 2023: Successful triple premiere in the Spécial

Shortly before Easter we made our way to Belgium: First international start for Denoix, first Spécial for him as well as for Katharina.... We were quite excited, but definitely  rewarded with joy.

Fürst Fernando was entered for the small tour. The nine-year-old was still a bit impressed by the surroundings in St. George. Nevertheless, their performance was rated with 67.4 percent which meant the fifth place.

Directly the next morning, Fürst (stable name Freddy) was fully on the ball: In the Inter I, he went super concentrated and delivered a very good round. There were a few eights for the canter, and with 70.7% the two took rank 2.

The preparation for the Grand Prix was not easy in the wind, cold and rain, and quite rightly Katharina rode a bit cautiously in the test. But Denoix did a great job and showed really well. Unfortunately there was a costly mistake in the zigzag traversal. But with the achieved 71,478 % (rank 2) we were very satisfied.

The Spécial started really good, in the protocol a number of eights are noted. Unfortunately, our fancy chestnut got scared after the first piaffe, from whatever. That's why the further pi-pa tour was a bit tense until the canter. But overall Denoix always stayed with the rider. Towards the end of the test, he perhaps ran out of steam a bit, but they were able to win with a good four percent gap (72.277%). Great Easter egg for the two of them!

We are now looking forward together to the next start, which is planned for Hagen.