Apr 1, 2023: Bad Salzuflen and Hof Ahlborn

A Fleyenhof quartet was on the road with a whole series of horses on two courses at the weekend - the ribbon yield was respectable.

Katharina was in Bad Salzuflen. With the eight-year-old Escobar, she won a two-star medium class with a score of 70 percent.

As the youngest horse in the test, Katharina presented Slaide in a S* and finished in rank 1, 70.658% were noted. She was especially pleased, because so far, the talented black horse had always been quite shy in the arena, practically holding his breath. But this time he was really well focused and showed his talent.

Only beaten by herself, and that by not even four tenths, Katharina took second place with Slaide.

The result was rounded off by Anush, who came fifth with Loro Piano (69.518%).

With a few horses and her student Isabell Rüdiger, Karo had made her way to Hof Ahlborn in southern Lower Saxony. The most beautiful successes for Karo were the second place with the rather inexperienced Elegante in a M** (71.618 %) as well as ranks four and two with For Sunshine in a S*. And Karo not only continued to prove herself as a trainer of four-legged horses: Her two-legged student landed in third place with just under 69 percent with Florestino.