Nov 15, 2017: Four wins at Nuremberg

This view back to Nuremberg comes a little late, but that great weeekend is absolutely worth it... Which is less about four golden ribbons, but more about how the horses performed.

Imperio's last show was Aachen - but he proved very well that we did train hard over the summer. He presented himself very well in the Grand Prix as well as in the Freestyle. On the first day, we had a major mistake when he stopped cantering right before the flying changes. Of course did that affect the scoring, but in the end, we did still win. In the Freestyle, all went well - we did once again come very close to the 80 per cent, but it was a rather safe win.

For our sevey-year olds, it was the last chance to get a ticket for Frankfurt. Toscana performed extremely well on the second day, and although she changed leads right before on of the pirouettes, she also won this class. So she will be Escolar's company for the Final of the Nurnberger Burg Cup. His little brother Escorial was rather impressed by the arena's atmosphere, was rather tense in walk and generally a little upset. Maybe for him, the break between shows (his last being Munic in May) has been too long? He ranked third and ninth.

This weekend, we'll be at Stuttgart: Imperio will compete in the Spécial-Tour, and Escolar comes with us for training purposes.