Jan 10, 2018: Winter training and stallion presentations

We're taking it slowly early this year, the next shows are scheduled for late winter only. Which of course does not at all mean that we're being lazy! All horses are in training and best shape. Escorial and Escolar improved a lot at Piaffe and Passage, and I am looking forward to their first competitions this year.

Those who don't want to wait until then, will be able to see at least the stallions earlier. Tonight, the Fleyenhof farm is repesented at the stallion presentation at Muenster. Katharina is showing Vainqueur, Ivan is riding Estobar and I will mount Goldberg. On February 3, we will present Estobar and Escolar in Verden, and all Neuenhof-stallions can be watched in Vechta on February 18.