Feb 5, 2021: Looking forward...

Still, many things are completely different, but I don't see any real reason to complain. As always, we riders have the duty to take care of our horses - and perhaps appreciate that even more right now than we do in "normal times"...? Me personally, I am grateful and do enjoy the time with my four-legged friends, in the stable, in the fresh air.

I also enjoy the fact that the Fleyenhof horses are in great shape and that riding is simply fun, which brings us to the next reason for joy: We professionals are even allowed to participate in competitions, and some tournament organizers thankfully take on the extra effort. So in a few weeks, we'll be back in the arena.

A glimpse of the great shape of at least the stallions can be caught this Sunday, at the Neuenhof stallion show on ClipMyHorse - see you!