Feb 19, 2018: Presentation of Goldberg and "E-sirs"

Yesterday at Vechta, the audience could catch a nice glimpse of the Westphalian E-line: Estobar NRW, Escorial and Escolar in a stallion presentation. In addition, Elegance by Estobar, Estefano GT and Steendieks Exclusiv by Escolar, gave living proof of this breeding treasure owned by Gut Neuenhof. Goldberg with his combination of Dutch and German blood just added to the experience. Unfortunately, me myself had not the best of all days, but Ivan presented Estobar just as well as always on Grand Prix-level.

So now, I am having a one-week vacation, which I will also use to finetune the planning of the competition season. For sure will Hagen be our starting point into the outdoor season. Before that, I would like to compete Imperio and at least Escolar - we'll see when and where.

So more information will follow!