Dec 18, 2017: What a weekend!

My calendar for Frankfurt was quite full - and the list of events was similarly long...

I'll start with the most experienced one, Imperio. In the Grand Prix he performed really well, although we had mistakes in the flying changes and he was a bit strong in the last extended trot. But Piaffes and Passage were good, and in extended trot and travers we were scored with nines - more than ok with me, and we came in second. When preparing for the freestyle, Imperio really surprised me: He was really wild. Unbelievable that only a few weeks ago, I had his blood tested because he felt so overall calm to me, even when hacking him... I would say that in Frankfurt, he showed clearly that he is totally ok. I was even in doubt if I should compete at all? But our national coach encouraged me, and it went better than I had feared. In the end, we made it to rank three.

In the Nuernberger Burg Pokal, Toscana and Escolar showed their abilities. The seven year-old mare is not overly experienced, but she did really well. In the first test, we had a mistake in the flying changes and became sixth. In the final, Toscana was impressed by the packed and rather tight arena. Expecially one corner seemed dangerous to her, and we again had mistakes in the flying changes every fourth stride (in both tests, the changes at every third stride went well!). After all, she scored 70.3 per cent and was the best seven year-old in the competition.

I had been hoping that Escolar might win the final. Unfortunately, during the walk in the first test our big boy noticed that he's the only horse in the big arena... So he was more into calling for other horses, less about collection. In the pirouette, he started cantering - he never liked those anyways. Still, trot and canter were just excellent, which can be seen in several nines and one ten. And in the final, Escolar was totally with me, not at all impressed by the crowd. Scoring 0.6 per cent less than the winner, we became sesond - at least the spectators had a different view on this. I am glad that they liked Escolar so much and really appreciate the applause and cheers. In the evening, the best three horses of the final were shown in a freestyle, and here Escolar received his well-earned golden ribbon.