Aug 24, 2020: How to collect routine in a special season

We've been to Elmlohe this weeked. Vainqueur should gain further show experience, and Escorial went to compete in the big tour.

Vainqueur went again the St.-Georg-Special, the test for the Nuremberg Burg Cup, to gain further routine. The seven-year-old has not seen too many shows, and in this special season it is important to make good use of every opportunity that is on offer. And he did very well once again. He received nearly 77 per cent. I am very pleased for this talented horse that he has won another competition.

I am also very satisfied with Escorial. He received great scores and finished third in the Grand Prix with 74.5 percent and fourth in the Spécial with 73.49 percent. This is also behind really strong competition from the Olympic squad, such as Ingrid Klimke and Franziskus.